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25 January 2021Supporting Independence Programme - Public Health

My name is Fatma and I work as part of Public Health Northamptonshire for the Supporting Independence Programme. Now, more than ever, services across the community are working together to support those most affected by COVID. Our aim is to support and enable people to maintain their independence and resilience for as long as possible. We are keen to work in partnership with local parishes to promote our service to the wider community, in order to support vulnerable adults to improve and maintain their independence and wellbeing.

Our service can be tailored to support anybody in the county, over the age of 18, who may be struggling with one or several areas of their life, leading to mild frailty or reduced independence. We are currently operating as a telephone service, offering 12 weeks of person-centred support with a trained Wellbeing Advisor. Advisors have a wealth of knowledge and contacts for community services, charities and organisations across the county, working in partnership to achieve a positive outcome for customers. Referrals are dependent on successful completion of the eligibility criteria, which are just a few quick questions included within the referral form. Our administrator will then contact the customer within 2 working days to arrange an initial appointment with an allocated advisor.

Examples of areas we support with include:

·         Social isolation

·         Falls

·         Lifestyle

·         Medication

·         Mental and emotional health

·         Physical health and mobility

For more information and to access the online referral form, please click the link below.

20 January 2021Community Updates

Please find below community updates and information from a variety of organisations:-

·         Daventry MIND – for referrals please contact 01327 879416, lines are open 10am - 2pm Tuesday's to Friday's or you can email enquiries@northamptonshiremind.org.uk Their Crisis Cafe is still open in Daventry from 5pm - 9pm on Wednesday evenings

·         Daventry and District Citizens Advice – if you require advice via email or wish to make a referral, please complete their online enquiry form here: https://www.citizensadvicedaventryanddistrict.co.uk/get-advice/email-us/

·         Viridian Nutrition is sponsoring to support local-level enterprises in the Social Prescribing Network awards, you have until Monday 25 January to enter, local services can nominate themselves or a qualifying project https://chamberlaindunn.co.uk/best-local-social-prescribing-project/?fbclid=IwAR0HgJ9XquY-0pVYFuEGMERmE5YjXk5EKMGeFEto3p-at7kAL597N0Lbtn4 For more details: https://chamberlaindunn.co.uk/projects/socialprescribingawards/ The contact at the award organisers: ali@chamberdunn.co.uk

·         Futures Housing Group have a new product brochure,  this is for use by all external partners, stakeholders, frontline workers (such as adult care staff, care co-ordinators, hospital discharge teams and volunteers). It has been designed to help understand more about the products and services that are on offer to anyone living within Daventry District and Northamptonshire regardless of tenure type or age.  There are hard copies if anyone would like a copy, please contact Emily.Riley@futureshg.co.uk who can arrange this for you

·         Get On Board CIC is all about improving the lives of people with learning disabilities, they provide training to organisations and help them to improve their services,  for further information https://www.getonboarduk.com/about or email Info@getonboarduk.com


19 January 2021Parish Council Meeting - Monday 25th January 2021

The next Meeting of Long Buckby Parish Council will be held on Monday 25th January 2021 at 7:30pm on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 886 2222 5078          Password: 649399

For those without the internet, you can dial in from any phone 0203 481 5240 

The link to the meeting can be accessed below.

Please be advised that members of the public attending the meeting will have the audio muted during the meeting.  If you wish to speak during public time, please contact the Clerk, Sue Porter, in advance of the meeting.

A copy of the Agenda for the Planning Meeting is available to view here

15 January 2021Long Buckby Parish CCTV System Guidance Notes

Long Buckby Parish CCTV System Guidance Notes

Routinely, CCTV monitors public space (not individuals) 24hrs a day for 365 days a year

The system’s operation conforms fully to the UK CCTV Commissioner’s code of practice.

The remote Control Centre is staffed by fully trained & qualified CCTV surveillance officers

Images are securely stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data is retained for 30 days after which time it is automatically deleted

Long Buckby Parish Officers and Councillors have no access to the data

Under the terms of the scheme images may only be viewed for the following purposes:

Crime prevention & detection

Maintenance of public order

The data can normally only be used for evidence gathering purposes by requestors, such as:


Statutory Authorities with powers to prosecute (e.g. Customs & Excise, Trading Standards)


Accused persons or defendants in criminal proceedings

Claimants in civil proceedings

Individuals have the right to request access to information on the system regarding themselves - but no one else.

N.B. By law, data access requests must be for a reason that accords with the purposes of the scheme (see point 7 above) and they must provide the operator sufficient information to easily locate the data (e.g. accurate descriptions and a limited time window). A fee will normally be payable for this service and each request must be accompanied by a full-face picture of the subject & two original documents confirming his/her address.

Full details of the Subject Access process can be found in the document ‘Procedure for the Release of Evidence’ on the Parish Council website

Questions about the scheme should be addressed to the Parish Clerk either in writing or email.

11 January 2021Covid Household Winter Support Scheme

Northamptonshire County Council have the Covid-19 Household Winter Support Scheme available to help households, especially those with children, who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and are struggling to stay warm and put food on the table this winter.  There are many reasons why a household may be struggling and this scheme is intended to provide one-off assistance to help families with their essential bills.

For more information please call NCC’s Community Resilience Support Line 0300 126 1000 option 5 or visit their website www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/coronavirus-updates

06 January 2021William Joseph Haynes Charity - Grant Applications

The William Joseph Haynes Charity makes grants for "the advancement and general benefit of the parishioners of the Parish of Long Buckby.”

Applications must be made in writing and include a copy of the applicant’s latest statement of accounts.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Clerk to The Trustees at pat@ellisemail.co.uk

All applications should be received by

19th JANUARY 2021

The meeting will take place on

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021

06 January 2021E-Scooter Legislation

I am sending this message out on behalf of Northamptonshire Police, Safer Roads.
As you may already be aware, E-Scooters have become increasingly more popular over the past few months. At this time, personal bought scooters are not deemed as road legal and cannot be used in any public area in Northamptonshire and across the UK.

Northampton and Kettering town councils are currently introducing VOI rental scooters as part of their green scheme. VOI e-scooters are the only road legal scooters operating in the county at present and are being trialled to offer an alternative form of transport for people aged 18+ (riders must have a full or provisional licence).

VOI scooters are heavily modified to ensure that they meet road safety standards which enables them to be insured, unlike personal brought e-scooters. For further information around VOI and how they work, please visit their website or download the app.

It is essential that we get the relevant information out around the use of e-scooters and how people can enjoy their purchases legally. Scooters come under the same legislation as any other motor vehicle so require a License, MOT, Tax and Insurance in order to be used in public. Riding a personal bought scooter in a public place causes the user to commit traffic offences and will result in the scooter being seized.

Northamptonshire Police are continuing to engage with those using privately owned e-scooters providing education around legislation, and where necessary enforcing this.
Please ensure you are fully aware of the law around e-scooters before purchasing one or using the VOI rentals in order to help keep both road and pedestrian users safe.

Kind regards,
PCSO Stokes

05 January 2021Parish Council Meeting - Monday 11th January 2021

The next Meeting of Long Buckby Parish Council will be held on Monday 11th January 2021 at 7:30pm on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 849 9140 9007       Password: 674752

For those without the internet, you can dial in from any phone 0203 481 5240 

The link to the meeting can be accessed below.

Please be advised that members of the public attending the meeting will have the audio muted during the meeting.  If you wish to speak during public time, please contact the Clerk, Sue Porter, in advance of the meeting.

A copy of the Agenda for the PC Meeting is available to view here

Everyone welcome to attend


Winter Crime Prevention Advice
It is that time of the year again Get ready for some cold temperatures. It is expected to drop below -7 -8 in places overnight. Do not let the thieves take advantage of you leaving your car defrosting on your drive.
Beware of car thieves whilst defrosting your vehicle!

Protect your frost covered vehicles from opportunist thieves. Northamptonshire Police would like to remind motorists not to leave their vehicles with the keys in the ignition while the vehicles defrost. Thieves are known to target residential areas on cold and frosty mornings looking for cars where the owner has started the engine to defrost the windscreen and then returned inside, leaving the car unattended.
• If you have a garage, always put the car away at night. This not only keeps the car frost-free but also out of sight of would be car thieves.
• Always remove keys from the ignition, even if you are leaving your car, just to open a garage door. It only takes a thief a few seconds to jump in and drive away.
• Cover your windscreen the night before a frost is forecast. This will shorten the amount of time it takes to clear the windscreen.
• Ensure you have the required de-icing materials available.
• Stay with your car while it is defrosting. You may even consider taking a cup of tea out with you while you wait.
• Make sure you allow yourself longer in the morning to get ready if frost or snow has been forecast the night before.
• Motorists should also be aware that some motor insurance policies become invalid, or the cover reduced, if a car is stolen as a result of keys being left in the ignition.
Following the above advice will help protect yourself, your vehicle(s) and others from harm on our roads this winter.

21 December 2020Domestic Abuse Christmas Campaign

                         When home isn’t safe, remember that you can get help.
Northamptonshire Police is launching a month-long domestic abuse Christmas campaign today (Friday, December 18). This is to coincide with an anticipated increase in incidents over the festive period.
Scheduled to run until mid-January, the aim of the campaign is to encourage the reporting of incidents and signpost victims to help and support, while sending out a strong message to offenders - your Christmas gift from us is likely to be a knock on the door from a uniformed officer with a warrant for your arrest.

Officers are currently working through a ‘most wanted’ list of those responsible for high-harm domestic abuse, stalking and harassment.

Chief Constable Nick Adderley has set them the challenge to ensure all these offenders are behind bars before Christmas. He said: “The first of our most wanted domestic abuse offender was arrested yesterday and there will be more to come over the next few days.

“Tackling domestic abuse is a force priority and I have set my officers the task to focus their efforts on protecting people from this terrible crime, which has a devastating impact on victims.

“Our role is about prevention, protection and prosecution - to prevent further violence, to protect the victim, children and other vulnerable people involved and to facilitate the prosecution of offenders.”
Please click on the link below for ful article
I want to encourage anyone suffering from domestic abuse to call their local police on the non-emergency 101 or, in an emergency, always call 999.”
For help and advice got to: https://www.northants.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/daa/domestic-abuse/
To access a perpetrator programme, contact Respect – the national association for domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services.
If you're a victim of domestic abuse, or know someone who is and there's an emergency that's ongoing or life is in danger, call 999 now. If you're deaf or hard of hearing, use our textphone service 18000 or text us on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergencySMS serviceExternal Link.
In non-emergency cases and for general advice, please call 101. If you're deaf or hard of hearing, use our textphone service on 18001 101.
You can also call the national 24-hour domestic abuse helpline on 0808 2000 247.
The following links offer guidance and advice.
www.voicenorthants.org - Tel: 0300 303 1965
SunflowerCentre@northants.police.uk - Tel: 01604 888211
www.ndas.co - Tel: 0300 012 0154
https://eveda.org.uk/contact/  EVE - A domestic abuse service providing women and family refuge, supported programmes and training and consultancy. Tel: 01604 230311. 

08 December 2020Draft Vision for town centre’s future is unveiled

Draft Vision for town centre’s future is unveiled

Wide-ranging proposals for maximising the potential of Daventry town centre over the next 15 years have been unveiled.

Based on public responses to a consultation held over the summer, the draft Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 sets out a range of measures that could be implemented to transform the centre as a destination for residents, visitors and businesses.

People are now being urged to find out more about the draft Vision and make their voice heard over the next four weeks by taking part in an interactive online survey at https://daventry2035.com

Some of the ideas being put forward include:

• Redesigning Market Square to create an attractive space that could host events and markets, while retaining parking spaces

• Creating a cafe culture along High Street by decluttering street furniture and prioritising pedestrian use over cars

• Remodelling Bowen Square car park to create an attractive environment with outdoor seating and flexible event space

• Relocating the bus station and enhancing the space in front of the Shopmobility Centre in New Street

• Making New Street and St James St one-way to reduce road width and provide space for a new safe cycle route and broader footpaths

• Replacing the New Street car park at the rear of Bowen Square with a new building offering small retail units

• Exploring opportunities for a splash park on the New Street Rec, which would also be improved with tree planting and wildflowers, natural play equipment, and public art

• Enhancing Sheaf Street to promote a cafe culture and replacing the pagoda with a new structure to enable small scale events and interactive outdoor uses

• Removing the Foundry Walk roof structure to open up the area to natural light

• Transforming the area around the old gas works car park and disused land off Chaucer Way into a mixed-use development with improved cycle and walking links to the town centre

• Changing the character and speed limit along Eastern Way to encourage cars to slow and give greater priority to pedestrians and cyclists

• Improving links from the town centre to Daventry Country Park, and creating a new public space between the Leisure Centre and council offices in Lodge Road, with pedestrian and cycle priority

• Launching a town-wide e-commerce platform to support and raise the profile of local independent retailers

• Installing catenary lighting - suspended on cables across streets - in certain areas to encourage a positive atmosphere and support the night-time economy

• Introducing new electric charge points for vehicles, as well as active travel equipment storage and parking (including for bikes, electric scooters and buggies) at key points across the town.

There are also plans to create a sustainable transport plan which will set out the long-term approach to integrating walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure in the town centre.

Led by Daventry District Council and Daventry Town Council, the Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 aims to create a framework for how the town centre can grow and evolve, to help attract investment and development.

The draft Vision has been shaped by the views of more than 600 people who responded to a consultation held in the summer. It also includes input from key stakeholders, including representatives from businesses, councils, and other organisations.

Feedback provided during this second phase of consultation will be used to help create a final Vision, which must be voted on by councillors before it can be introduced.

Councillor David James, Daventry District Council’s Economic, Regeneration and Employment Portfolio Holder, said: “We had a fantastic response to the consultation we held in the summer, with some really interesting and thoughtful ideas put forward. We have put those ideas into this draft Vision, and I would urge people to please find out more by visiting the website and sharing their thoughts with us once again.”

Councillor Lynne Taylor, Mayor of Daventry, said: “I was heartened that so many people commented with their thoughtful views on the first draft of the Daventry Town Centre Vision 35 consultation. I urge our residents to contribute their views once more to refine the final vision, as this document will help to shape and define the future for Daventry.”

People have until midnight on Saturday 10 January to have their say by visiting https://daventry2035.com

People can also request a paper copy of the draft Vision and questionnaire by emailing contact@daventry2035.com or by phoning Daventry Town Council on 01327 301246.

08 December 2020Annual Comfort and Joy Campaign

The Annual Comfort and Joy Campaign helps those who are staying in refuges as a result of experiencing domestic abuse, as well as other vulnerable families who are struggling at Christmas.

Jointly organised by the Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership and the Daventry District Over 50’s Forum, its aim is to provide them with a few gifts and treats, as well as food, toiletries and other essential items.  The project also raises awareness of domestic abuse, incidents of which tend to increase over the Christmas period.

Drop off points are at the Daventry District Council offices, in Lodge Road, Daventry, at Daventry Police Station, in New Street, at Daventry Fire Station, in Staverton Road and at the South Northamptonshire Council offices at The Forum, Moat Lane, Towcester, up to and including Friday 11 December (early date for quarantine purposes).

All of the items donated will go directly to local people living in refuges as well as other vulnerable families in Daventry District, South Northamptonshire and the wider county area this Christmas.

People can also donate money on the campaign's Go Fund Me site  

Anyone who is experiencing domestic violence is urged to call the Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service 24-hour helpline on 0300 0120154 or visit the Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service website 

People can also access support through the Love Doesn’t Hurt campaign

Best wishes,

Emma Parry, Cert HE Open, Cert Soc Sci

Community Projects Officer

Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4FP

08 December 2020Parish Council Meeting - Monday 14th December 2020

The next Meeting of Long Buckby Parish Council will be held on Monday 14th December 2020 at 7:30pm on Zoom.

Meeting ID:  880 3704 5875      Password: 117253

For those without the internet, you can dial in from any phone 0203 481 5240 

The link to the meeting can be accessed below.

Please be advised that members of the public attending the meeting will have the audio muted during the meeting.  If you wish to speak during public time, please contact the Clerk, Sue Porter, in advance of the meeting.

A copy of the Agenda for the PC Meeting is available to view here

Everyone welcome to attend.

30 November 2020DDC: Christmas waste and recycling arrangements

Daventry District Council's offices will be closed from Christmas Day until they reopen on Monday 4 January 2021.

Essential services, such as waste and recycling collections and street cleaning will continue over the festive period, and there will also continue to be arrangements in place in the event of an emergency.

Find out more about waste and recycling collections, office opening times and online services below:

Waste and recycling collections

Collection schedules

Collections will continue to take place as usual over the Christmas and New Year period, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day:

If your collection is due on Christmas Day (Friday, 25 December) it will instead take place on Sunday, 27 December

If your collection is due on New Year’s Day (Friday, 1 January) it will instead take place the following day on Saturday, 2 January

Extra recycling collection

During the week beginning Monday 28 December, all households will get an extra collection of their blue-lidded bin on their usual collection day.

Extra recycling will also be collected if it cannot fit into the blue-lidded bin. Please put these items in clear or white bags and place them next to your bin.

Food waste collections

Food waste bins will continue to be collected on their usual weekly schedule. Please remember you can recycle leftover raw and cooked foods, including veg peelings, egg shells, out-of-date food, plate scrapings, solid fats, meat and fish bones. Please do not put any liquids in the caddy.

Garden waste collections

Those subscribed to the service are advised there will a short break in collections during the week beginning 28 December, to allow crews to focus on the extra seasonal recycling.

General waste collections

Black bins containing general waste will continue to be collected as normal on their three-weekly cycle. Please make sure you recycle as much as possible and make use of the extra blue-lidded recycling bin collection, as black bins with raised lids or bags of rubbish left next to your bin will not be collected.

Real Christmas trees

If you have a real Christmas tree you can put it out for collection in the week beginning Monday 11 January.

It should be placed next to your bins on your normal collection day. Those subscribed to the garden waste service can cut the tree up and place it in their garden waste bins if they prefer.

There are no communal collection points for real Christmas trees, but they can be taken to your local household waste recycling centre: https://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/living/waste-and-recycling/where-is-the-nearest-recycling-centre/

What can I recycle?

Find out more information about what can be put in each bin at: https://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/living/waste-and-recycling/what-can-i-recycle/

Keep on top of collections

You can check your collection day and which bins to put out using any of the following methods:

Check the collection calendar we sent you in August

Check your bin day online: https://selfserve.daventrydc.gov.uk/forms/postcodechecker.aspx

Download the free Daventry District Council app from the Apple or Google Play stores

Report a missed collection

Daventry District Council's offices and Contact Centre will be closed from Christmas Day, reopening on Monday 4 January. During this period any missed collections can be reported via our online self-serve system: https://selfserve.daventrydc.gov.uk/forms/MissedCollections.aspx

Council opening times

Lodge Road council offices

Daventry District Council's offices will close at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve (Thursday 24 December), reopening at 9am on Monday, 4 January 2021.

Over Christmas, residents can continue to access a range of information and services online: https://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/online/

Please note that Jobcentre Plus and Northamptonshire County Council’s Children’s and Young People’s Service will each operate different working hours over Christmas.

Please also be aware that due to Covid-19 there are restrictions on who can enter the Lodge Road offices. It is currently only open to people who are: homeless or threatened with homelessness; in need of a food bank referral; accessing Children and Young People’s services; accessing Job Centre Plus; or vulnerable and in need of help with Universal Credit. Please come to the front door and a member of staff will speak to you from a safe distance

Abbey Advice and Resource Centre

The Abbey will operate its normal office hours up to and including Christmas Eve (Tuesday 24 December). It will then operate the following opening hours:

Christmas Day through to Monday 28 December (inclusive): Closed

Tuesday 29 December: Normal opening hours

Wednesday 30 December: Normal opening hours

Thursday 31 December: Normal opening hours

Friday 1 January: Closed

Saturday 2 January: Closed to tenants only. Open for Library click and collect from 10am to 2pm

Sunday 3 January: Closed

Monday 4 January: Normal opening hours

27 November 2020Online exhibitions will showcase conservation plans

Online exhibitions will showcase conservation plans  

People can learn about plans to protect the historic interest of a number of parishes across Daventry District during a series of online exhibitions.  

The sessions are being held as part of reviews of the conservation areas in Badby, Creaton, Great Brington, Preston Capes and Hellidon. There will also be exhibitions on proposals to designate new conservation areas in Clipston and Long Buckby.  

Residents of the parishes involved, or anyone else with an interest in their history and heritage, are welcome to join the exhibitions, which will be held over the online video conferencing facility Zoom.  

All of the sessions listed below run from 6.30pm until 7.30pm:  

Wednesday 2 December: Badby  

Monday 7 December: Creaton  

Tuesday 8 December: Great Brington  

Wednesday 9 December: Preston Capes  

Monday 14 December: Hellidon  

Tuesday 15 December: Clipston  

Wednesday 16 December: Long Buckby  

More information about the proposals for each parish, together with details of how to join the meetings can be found at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/conservationareas  

The page also includes instructions for submitting questions to the exhibitions, which must be done in advance.   

People can also submit their views on the proposals by emailing heritage@daventrydc.gov.uk or by writing to Rhian Morgan, Heritage Policy Officer, Local Strategy Service, Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP.  

Paper copies of the proposals for a specific parish can be obtained by emailing heritage@daventrydc.gov.uk or phoning 01327 871100.  

The deadline for comments is 5pm on Monday 18 January.  

The consultations for Badby and Creaton are being run for a second time after being disrupted by the lockdown in March. Comments from that consultation are being carried forward, so anyone who submitted views last time does not need to do so again.  

The consultations have been launched by DDC as part of a wider review of the District’s conservation areas - places considered worthy of preservation or enhancement because of their special architectural or historic interest. 

Designation as a conservation area puts in place tighter planning controls for anyone seeking permission to alter or demolish a building, or carry out work to trees, in order to maintain the special interest of the area.  

The review aims to ensure that the District’s conservation areas are fit for purpose. It looks at whether their boundaries should be changed and whether further controls should be introduced within them.  

More information is available at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/conservationareas  

18 November 2020Road Closure - Three Bridges Road, Long Buckby Wharf

Northamptonshire Highways are requiring to carry out structure repairs to Surney Bridge on Three Bridges Road in Long Buckby Wharf.  To undertake these works safely will require that the road is closed for one day on the 18th December 2020.

The diversion route can be shown by clicking on the link below:

17 November 2020Message from Lucy Wightman, Director of Public Health, Northamptonshire County Council

Dear Residents,

I am writing to you directly, as we enter the winter period, to inform you of the current situation relating to Coronavirus in Northamptonshire and specifically the areas in which you live. I’m also hoping to share some key tips to help you and your families stay safe during the winter period and how to access support if you need to self-isolate, if you become unwell, or if you require help with shopping, medication or loneliness.

We are currently seeing the largest rise in cases in Northamptonshire since the first national lockdown. Positive cases range across all age groups, but significantly are largest in the age groups from 10-59. We know that these age groups are amongst the most sociable, go to school, university or work, and may be involved in the care of others, children and/or older people.

Worryingly, we are also seeing a rise in cases amongst those aged over 60. This age group is the group that are most likely to become severely unwell should they get Coronavirus, they may need to stay in hospital and sadly, as we are starting to see once again, more of this age group are likely to die from the virus.

Transmission can easily spread within families, especially where children and parents mix with grandparents and particularly in indoor settings. Whilst we recognise the importance of social interaction, we would recommend that if you have to work with or care for someone who is older or more vulnerable, or if you ordinarily mix with grandparents, that you consider reducing your social contacts elsewhere, or move your interactions with those older, more vulnerable contacts to an online format where possible during the winter period.

The introduction of recent national lockdown guidance will help us to reduce community transmission of the virus. Community transmission is where the virus spreads in households with people mixing in indoor spaces in particular. We would recommend that where anyone enters your home, or you theirs, for example for childcare purposes, that everyone wears a face covering, maintains a two metre social distance, and keeps interactions as short as possible.  Continue to wash your hands regularly and clean any surfaces or contact points such as door handles, cupboard handles and taps.

If you have any concerns about whether you may have COVID-19, how to get a test, how to get more support for someone who is vulnerable or the current guidance and what you can and cannot do, visit the County Council website. The link to the website is below.

We all need to work hard to ensure that case numbers reduce in our local area, to ensure that we keep the people we love safe, and so that we can return to a more normal way of living as soon as possible when the national measures come to an end. We are all in this together and all of our actions contribute to the outcomes we face. Let’s continue to work together, to wash our hands regularly, to wear our face coverings and to keep two metres from others.

Lucy Wightman

Director of Public Health, Northamptonshire County Council

17 November 2020Parish Council Meeting - Monday 23rd November 2020

The next Meeting of Long Buckby Parish Council will be held on Monday 23rd November 2020 at 7:30pm on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 872 9816 7791           Password: 206124

For those without the internet, you can dial in from any phone 0203 481 5240 

The link to the meeting can be accessed below.

Please be advised that members of the public attending the meeting will have the audio muted during the meeting.  If you wish to speak during public time, please contact the Clerk, Sue Porter, in advance of the meeting.

A copy of the Agenda for the Planning Meeting is available to view here

A copy of the Agenda for the Precept Meeting is available to view here

Everyone welcome to attend.

12 November 2020Grass Verges Mowing Contract


Tenders are invited for the contract for work of


Contractors are invited to quote for the grass-mowing of the verges within Long Buckby Parish, together with Long Buckby Wharf, for a three year contract commencing 1st January 2021.

For details apply to: -

Clerk to the Council, 3 Packwood Close, Middlemore, Daventry, Northants, NN11 8AJ


Telephone: 01327 301570

Email: longbuckbyparishcouncil@yahoo.com

Closing date for all tenders to be received Monday 7th December 2020

11 November 2020Job Vacancy - Clarecroft Day Nursery

Nursery Nurse/ Nursery Assistant required for Busy Village Day Nursery

Monday to Friday for 40 hours per week,

Applicants must have an understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and how to implement this

Work effectively as part of a team

A qualification in Early Years and at least a year experience working in early years in preferred

We are committed to safeguarding and successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS check.

For more information please contact us on 01327 844474 or email CV to admin@clarecroft.co.uk

10 November 2020Daventry Volunteer Centre - Update

*COVID-19 Update – November 2020*

In response to the new, national COVID-19 restrictions that begin this month, Daventry Volunteer Centre will continue to provide emergency response and support to people isolating and those vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic. With our fantastic team of COVID-19 volunteers, we are available to help people without a support network in our area with prescription delivery, shopping trips, telephone befriending and other ad-hoc tasks that will help them live safely and feel connected to their community.

To enquire about emergency response support please contact us on 01327 300614 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

Unfortunately, many of our projects are having to pause again or change their working, including:

The New Street Café, our community Café for older people, will be paused for the duration of the new restrictions.

The New Street Centre meeting hall will be closed to groups for the duration.

Our Happy@Home project will continue to offer telephone befriending and support as part of our COVID-19 emergency response. Home visits remain paused.

Our Building Better Opportunities programme will continue to offer support to existing participants and be open for new enquiries regarding employment support.

The Daventry District Timebank will be co-ordinated at distance with regular contact made between Timebank members.

We will continue to be here for our community through this time of uncertainty.

If you would like to volunteer as part of our COVID-19 response, please do get in touch by telephone or via the website: www.daventryvolunteers.org.uk.


09 November 2020Survey on proposed Armed Forces Community Hubs across Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire County Council is working with local partners to develop ‘Armed Forces Community Hubs’ across Northamptonshire for members of the Armed Forces community (those currently serving, Reservists, Veterans and family members).

The proposed Armed Forces Community Hubs would provide a warm and welcoming place where any member of the Armed Forces community could for advice, help and comradeship - all free to access and attend. The Hubs would also offer activities such as walking groups and of course refreshments.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we would also like to develop interactive virtual Hubs that would offer the next best thing. The virtual Hubs will allow people to chat to each other and with local community groups. Plus, we are teaming up with Adult Learning to offer online training courses such as Healthy Eating on a Budget for Families and Emotional Resilience as well as links to partner organisations. We intend to offer support and training in order for people to develop their digital skills and thus be able to access the virtual Hubs.

We would like to request your help by asking if you could complete the Armed Forces Community Hubs survey.

Give Us Your Views

Please give us your views by completing our online survey.

We are keen to hear from members of the Armed Forces community, but welcome views from those in the wider community.

This survey closes at midnight on Friday 20 November 2020.

09 November 2020Public consultation on proposed changes to Local Council Tax Reduction Schemes in West Northamptonshire

Public consultation on proposed changes to Local Council Tax Reduction Schemes in West Northamptonshire 

Public consultation on the proposals for the new Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (LCTRS) for West Northamptonshire will go live for a six-week period, beginning on Monday 2nd November, until midnight on Sunday 13th December 2020. The final scheme will be agreed by the West Shadow Executive Committee on 26th January 2021.

Residents and stakeholders across Daventry, Northampton and South Northamptonshire, along with countywide stakeholders, will be invited to have their say on the proposed changes to the LCTRS.
The schemes provide a reduction for working-age people and households on low incomes, to help them pay their council tax bill. There are individual schemes in place for Daventry, Northampton and South Northamptonshire, which are administered by the councils in each area. 

Each council currently offers a different level of support through their LCTRS, but on 1st April 2021, the formation of West Northamptonshire Council means that the existing three schemes need to be brought together into one schemewhich is affordable, consistent and fair to all residents wherever they live; not only for those that receive support but also for those who depend on wider services.   
Currently, the minimum Council Tax contribution that working age people must pay ranges from 8.5% to 31% across the three Councils. One proposal to bring the schemes together is for the minimum contribution to be set at 26.5%, meaning a maximum discount of 73.5% would be offered through the new scheme.

This proposal would make the scheme is broadly cost neutral to the new authority and place no additional cost on the wider taxpayer.  There are also another five proposals outlined in the consultation document. 

Those of pensionable age are protected by the prescribed regulations set out by central government therefore will not be affected by the changes proposed to the LCTRS in West Northamptonshire, and will continue to receive the same level of support that they have been used to getting from their current council.

Full details about the scheme, how the proposals were developed and the other options considered, along with the consultation questionnaire, are available online at the following link:

03 November 2020Parish Council Meeting - Monday 9th November 2020

The next Meeting of Long Buckby Parish Council will be held on Monday 9th November 2020 at 7:30pm on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 851 3028 9049            Password: 593404

For those without the internet, you can dial in from any phone 0203 481 5240 

The link to the meeting can be accessed below.

Please be advised that members of the public attending the meeting will have the audio muted during the meeting.  If you wish to speak during public time, please contact the Clerk, Sue Porter, in advance of the meeting.

A copy of the Agenda is available to view here

Everyone welcome to attend.

03 November 2020Remembrance Sunday - 2020

Remembrance Sunday 2020

8th November 10.30am on YouTube


Join our Remembrance Sunday service at 10.30am on YouTube - link below.

(Find link on Facebook / church website: www.stlawrences.org.uk/ ; search for St Lawrence Long Buckby)

Service broadcast live from St Lawrence Long Buckby at 10.30am

Roll of Honour for each village read by a local representative. Wreaths laid on the altar table.

Due to Covid rules, churches are closed for public worship but broadcasting a service is permitted


02 November 2020Theft from Motor Vehicle - Long Buckby

Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding a Theft from motor vehicle of a catalytic converter from a Honda Jazz in Silver, 41-51 Spencer Road, Long Buckby
This happened on Saturday 31st October 2020 between 5:20pm-5:35pm
Did you witness anything?
Did you see any person(s) in the area that looked suspicious?
Did you see any vehicle(s) that you were suspicious of?
If you have evidential CCTV relating to this occurrence please send to
CCTVStills.DBIT@northants.pnn.police.uk quoting the reference number
Call 101 Reference: 20000575459
In an emergency, when there is a crime in progress or a life at risk, always call 999.
To report a crime or incident, provide information or for advice, call 101 or visit www.northants.police.uk
To contact your Neighbourhood Team covering Daventry Town and surrounding villages they can be contacted on the following email: 
You can also provide confidential information should you wish to remain anonymous.  These calls can be made to the Independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit www.crimestoppers-uk.org
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Have your say on community policing where you live by completing this short survey.
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